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“I believe that Music has memories by itself. It´s a matter of going back to our roots, taking inspiration from ourselves to start a new path and bringing back the missing parts of our essence. Making music is like living twice. A new and introspective journey in a rebirth of my self resulting in sounds and movement.” -May Rei

Composer, producer and singer, May Rei uses synthesizers, effects, virtual instruments and voice to create musical worlds and tell about fragments of herself.

Love for rhythm, for analog sounds and a natural predisposition towards FM synthesis distinguish her productions: A fusion of styles and cultures – from synth-pop to oriental traditions, from downtempo to club-sound – read through the curious gaze of the experimentation.

Moving from Italy to Germany in 2007, May Rei – moniker of Mariangela Diella – specializes in Electronic Music Production at the SAE Institute in Munich (2018-2019) and perfects her skills at the Moog Summer Camp conducted by Enrico Cosimi in Venice in 2019.

Already part of Hertzen – a duo formed with the Brazilian producer Marcelo Ribeiro Dias (aka Self) – in 2020 May Rei releases “Epiphany”, her first solo album, followed by the EP “The Bite of the Witch” (2021) and “It’s All About Phases” (2022) distributed by her own label Einklang Records. “Here and Now” (2023) is her latest single. 



“Here and Now” (2023) digital single

“It´s All About Phases” (2022) digital/CD Lp album

“The Bite of the Witch” (2021) digital Ep album

“Epiphany” (2020) digital/CD Lp album


All May Rei`s music is written, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by May Rei. Vocals and lyrics by May Rei. Recorded in her own studio in Germany.